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    Fairfield Connecticut Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

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    Alexis Crump Receives 2020 Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Award

    Court Adopts Magistrate's Recommendation to Deny Insurer's Summary Judgment Motion in Collapse Case

    A Court-Side Seat: A Poultry Defense, a Houston Highway and a CERCLA Consent Decree that Won’t Budge

    3 Common Cash Flow Issues That Plague The Construction Industry

    IoT: Take Guessing Out of the Concrete Drying Process

    Cleveland Condo Board Says Construction Defects Caused Leaks

    Megaproject Savings Opportunities

    Ahlers & Cressman Presents a Brief History of Liens

    Solar Energy Isn’t Always Green

    Colorado Court Holds No Coverage for Breach of Contract Claim

    Miller Act Bond Claims Subject to “Pay If Paid”. . . Sometimes

    Allocating Covered and Uncovered Damages in Jury Verdict

    Tips for Drafting Construction Contracts

    In Personal Injury Actions, Prejudgment Interest on Costs Not Recoverable

    Wow! A Mechanic’s Lien Bill That Helps Subcontractors and Suppliers

    Biden’s Buy American Policy & What it Means for Contractors

    New Joint Venture to Develop a New Community in Orange County, California

    Alabama Court Determines No Coverage For Insured's Faulty Workmanship

    California Booms With FivePoint New Schools: Real Estate

    No Coverage for Sink Hole Loss

    Construction Resumes after Defects

    Arbitration Clause Found Ambiguous in Construction Defect Case

    Continuous Injury Trigger Applied to Property Loss

    Expired Contract Not Revived Due to Sovereign Immunity and the Ex Contractu Clause

    California Team Secures Appellate Victory on Behalf of Celebrity Comedian Kathy Griffin in Dispute with Bel Air Neighbor

    Contractor Sentenced to Seven Years for Embezzling $3 Million

    Top 10 Construction Contract Provisions – Changes and Claims

    Denver Passed the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

    Workers Compensation Insurance: Dangers of the Audit Process

    Judge Sentences Roofing Contractor Owner in Florida PPP Fraud Case

    Insurer’s Confession Of Judgment Through Post-Lawsuit Payment

    California to Build ‘Total Disaster City’ for Training

    Reminder: Just Being Incorporated Isn’t Enough

    New York Appellate Court Expands Policyholders’ Ability to Plead and Seek Consequential Damages

    Additional Insured Not Entitled to Indemnity Coverage For Damage Caused by Named Insured

    Insurer Unable to Declare its Coverage Excess In Construction Defect Case

    COVID-19 and Mutual Responsibility Clauses

    Colorado Hotel Neighbors Sue over Construction Plans

    Bidders Shortlisted as Oroville Dam Work Schedule is Set

    Texas res judicata and co-insurer defense costs contribution

    Pensacola Bridge Repair Plan Grows as Inspectors Uncover More Damage

    Sanctions of $1.6 Million Plus Imposed on Contractor for Fabricating Evidence

    Pay Loss Provision Does Not Preclude Assignment of Post-Loss Claim

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    BHA’s Next MCLE Seminar in San Diego on July 25th

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    Landmark Contractor Licensing Case Limits Disgorgement Remedy in California

    The Comcast Project is Not Likely to Be Shut Down Too Long

    Homebuilder Immunity Act Dies in Committee. What's Next?

    Code Changes Pave Way for CLT in Tall Buildings and Spark Flammability Debate
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    The Fairfield, Connecticut Construction Expert Witness Group is comprised from a number of credentialed construction professionals possessing extensive trial support experience relevant to construction defect and claims matters. Leveraging from more than 25 years experience, BHA provides construction related trial support and expert services to the nation's most recognized construction litigation practitioners, Fortune 500 builders, commercial general liability carriers, owners, construction practice groups, and a variety of state and local government agencies.

    Construction Expert Witness News & Info
    Fairfield, Connecticut

    Florida Death Toll Rises by Three, Reaching 27 as Search Resumes

    July 05, 2021 —
    Surfside, Fla. (AP) -- Rescuers searched through fresh rubble Monday after the last of the collapsed Florida condo building was demolished, which allowed crews into previously inaccessible places, including bedrooms where people were believed to be sleeping at the time of the disaster, officials said. But they faced a new challenge from thunderstorms that hit the area as Tropical Storm Elsa approached the state. Four more victims were discovered in the new pile, Miami-Dade Assistant Fire Chief Raide Jadallah told family members, raising the death toll to 28 people. Another 117 people remain unaccounted for. The demolition late Sunday was crucial to the search-and-rescue effort, officials said, and raised the prospect that crews could increase both the pace of their work and the number of searchers at the site, although the chance of finding survivors 12 days after the June 24 collapse has diminished. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of The Associated Press, Bloomberg

    Judge Sentences Roofing Contractor Owner in Florida PPP Fraud Case

    July 25, 2021 —
    A federal judge in Fort Myers, Fla., sentenced Casey David Crowther, 35, the owner of a successful Florida roofing contracting company, to 37 months in prison for using fictitious employee lists to obtain a $2.7-million federal pandemic-aid loan and then purchasing a $689,000 boat with the funds. Reprinted courtesy of Richard Korman, Engineering News-Record Mr. Korman may be contacted at Read the full story... Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of

    FDOT Races to Re-Open Storm-Damaged Pensacola Bridge

    April 12, 2021 —
    Buffeted by hurricanes, northwest Florida’s largest-ever infrastructure effort is finally seeing the light at the end of the storm. The three-mile-long bridge across Pensacola Bay is expected to reopen to traffic this spring after an ongoing replacement effort abruptly became an emergency repair job as well. Reprinted courtesy of Jim Parsons, Engineering News-Record ENR may be contacted at Read the full story... Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of

    New World to Demolish Luxury Hong Kong Towers in Major Setback

    August 04, 2021 —
    New World Development Co. will demolish two towers at Hong Kong’s most popular housing development in decades and compensate buyers after finding unexpected defects, in a major setback for the real estate company. The developer will pull down and rebuild the existing floors of Towers 1 and 8 at its Pavilia Farm III project near Tai Wai station after it found the concrete strength in some areas did not meet design requirements, the Hong Kong-based company said in a statement. Shares of New World fell as much as 4.8% Thursday in Hong Kong, the most in more than seven months, before recovering to close 3.9% lower. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of Shawna Kwan, Bloomberg

    The Court-Side Seat: FERC Reviews, Panda Power Plaints and Sovereign Immunity

    April 26, 2021 —
    This is a brief report on new environmental law decisions, regulations and legislation. THE U.S. SUPREME COURT Massachusetts Lobsterman’s Association v. Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce On March 22, 2021, the Supreme Court rejected a petition to review a Presidential decision to invoke the Antiquities Act of 1906 to designate as a monument “an area of submerged land about the size of Connecticut” in the Atlantic Ocean. This action forbids all sorts of economic activity, which compelled the filing of litigation in the First Circuit challenging this designation. Chief Justice Roberts supported the Court’s denial of certiorari, but remarked that a stronger legal case may persuade the Court to review such liberal uses of the Antiquities Act. Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Anthony B. Cavender, Pillsbury
    Mr. Cavender may be contacted at

    Anti-Concurrent Causation Clause Eliminates Loss from Hurricane

    September 06, 2021 —
    The court found the insured was not covered for losses caused by Hurricane Laura due to the implementation of the policy's anti-concurrent causation clause. Aegis Sec. Ins. Co. v. Lejeune, 2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 106804 (W. D. La. June 7, 2021). At the time of the hurricane, the insureds' home was covered by a manufactured home insurance policy issued by Aegis. The policy excluded coverage for damage "caused by, contributed to or aggravated by" flooding. The policy's anti-concurrent causation clause read, "We do not pay for loss to the types of property covered under this policy caused by any of the following. Such loss is excluded regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any sequence to the loss." The policy's exceptions followed. After the storm, the insureds submitted their claim. Aegis filed suit for declaratory judgment. Aegis relied upon reports that the manufactured home and barn owned by the insureds were damaged by winds, then displaced and destroyed by storm surge associated with the hurricane. The home first sustained damage from the storm's high winds before it was displaced from its concrete piers by a 12 to 16 foot storm surge. Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Tred R. Eyerly, Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert
    Mr. Eyerly may be contacted at

    China Bans Tallest Skyscrapers Following Safety Concerns

    July 25, 2021 —
    China is prohibiting construction of the tallest skyscrapers to ensure safety following mounting concerns over the quality of some projects. The outright ban covers buildings that are taller than 500 meters (1,640 feet), the National Development and Reform Commission said in a notice Tuesday. Local authorities will also need to strictly limit building of towers that are more than 250 meters tall. The top economic planner cited quality problems and safety hazards in some developments stemming from loose oversight. A 72-story tower in Shenzhen was closed in May for checks following reports of unexplained wobbling, feeding concern about the stability of one of the technology hub’s tallest buildings. Construction of buildings exceeding 100 meters should strictly match the scale of the city where they will be located, along with its fire rescue capability, the commission said. “It’s primarily for safety,” said Qiao Shitong, an associate law professor at the University of Hong Kong who studies property and urban law. Extremely tall buildings “are more like signature projects for mayors and not necessarily efficient.” Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Bloomberg

    Shifting the Risk of Delay by Having Float Go Your Way

    July 05, 2021 —
    Critical path delay plays a central role in allocating responsibility for project delay. The interrelated concept of concurrency is also frequently determinative of entitlement on a range of claims including by owners for liquidated damages and by contractors for delay damages. What constitutes critical/concurrent delay, however, is hotly debated by scheduling experts. The lack of real consensus regarding how critical/concurrent delay should be determined and analyzed has created significant uncertainty in scheduling disputes. Indeed, courts have adopted differing and at times conflicting theories of concurrency that can produce divergent outcomes for the parties. In an effort to reduce uncertainty, stakeholders have increasingly adopted specialized contractual provisions and scheduling techniques which have significant implications for the evaluation of the companion concepts of criticality and concurrency. One such mechanism is float sequestration. Regardless of whether float sequestration is ultimately in the construction industry’s broader interest, stakeholders must be able to recognize its use and appreciate the implications for delay disputes on their projects. Simply defined, float is the number of days an activity can be delayed before affecting the project’s critical path (i.e., the longest chain of activities which determines the project’s minimal duration). Typically, only delays affecting the critical path can produce concurrent delay. Consequently, the concept of float is integral to understanding and resolving issues of both criticality and concurrency. Reprinted courtesy of Christopher J. Brasco, Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP and Matthew D. Baker, Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP Mr. Brasco may be contacted at Mr. Baker may be contacted at Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of